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Meet a Dedicated and Passionate Artist

We value simplicity above all else, which is reflected on how we design our pieces.


Me​et Wendy Pound 

Wendy is the owner of Pebble Portraits in Watertown, New York. She loves to make clean, simple art made from natural pebbles to express an emotion that words cannot ,or to celebrate a special moment or event.




Wendy was born and raised in Watertown and spent summers on the lake in Sackets Harbor. She’s a very family-oriented person and believes that family is everything. She came from a large, talented family where her mother was always creating magic.

Wendy is now married to a wonderful man and they have five grown children and two beautiful grandchildren. She’s a physical education teacher and pebble portraits artist. She believes in living a happy and healthy lifestyle full of creativity and adventure.

Everyone has a story which leads them to their passion. As a little girl, Wendy was always drawn to the water and the beach. She always felt a certain peacefulness when she searched for pebbles and beach glass treasures. The sound of the water and the feel of the sand are priceless to her.

When she grew older, she developed a different perspective. This is what she wants to share with others. Pebble Portraits began by sharing her love for the water, nature, and lake life with her children. The expression and creativity is immeasurable. She has created a way to express beauty with a simple idea that speaks volumes. The ideas are endless, and the memories are forever.

“The greatest feeling is seeing the expressions on the faces of the customers when they look at each and every one. The smiles, laughter, and tears are priceless. Each and every one tells a story and is interpreted differently to individuals and touches their hearts personally. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate what I love to express.

From my heart,


Mission Statement

Wendy’s passion is using natural pebbles to create a unique piece of art which touches the heart. She loves to create and arrange to express feelings, memories, or events which speak to the heart of art enthusiasts. The simplicity of her art speaks volumes. The classy and clean representation of her pebble pieces is a beautiful addition to any room and any style of decor.

How It All Began

Pebbles from the rivers 

Pebbles from the lakes

Pebbles from the ocean 

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